New Report Explores the Changing Role of the CMO

New Report Explores the Changing Role of the CMOIf you study closely the latest research from Vivaldi Partners, you may just come to think that CMO stands for “chief morphing officer” in response to just how much the position has evolved in recent years.

“The Changing Role of the CMO” is an eye-opening report by Vivaldi Partners Group, a growth and brand strategy consulting firm.

Vivaldi Partners Group conducted interviews with CMOs and senior marketing executives across three continents to get their perspectives on the transformation in the field of marketing. The resulting research uncovered five common areas of change for most CMOs.

The report was created from conversations and interviews with CMOs across a variety of industries, including companies such as Bitburger, GE, Lonza, Allianz, UBS, Vanguard Health Systems, Mashable and others. While the CMOs did explain that some fundamentals stayed constant, they all agreed that there are changes impacting their roles.

The five areas of change were: Strategy, Customer, Operations, Organization, and Technology.

“The CMOs agreed that the changes in their roles fell into one of these five categories. For example, in the category of strategy, forward-looking CMOs realize that marketing is about leveraging data and technology to improve people’s lives versus just managing perceptions,” explained Roland Bernhard, Senior Partner at Vivaldi Partners Group and one of the lead authors of the report. “Also, while the CMOs we interviewed reiterated that there were still constants in their roles, the changing digital landscape and the rise of the Always-On Consumer have definitely impacted today’s marketing.”

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