New PulsePoint Platform Offers Enhanced AI and Machine Learning

PulsePoint is a leading global programmatic advertising platform and it’s out with something new. MME has learned that the next generation of its content marketing platform has been launched.

“Story by PulsePoint” provides unified distribution across top social media channels, native and content discovery platforms, and premium websites — at global scale — according to the company.

The benefit? It greatly consolidates workflow as well as simplifying execution for content marketing.

“Content marketing continues to grow in importance as advertisers look for ways to differentiate themselves and connect with their core audiences in an increasingly complex media landscape,” reads the official word. “Branded content has proven successful. Consumers welcome useful or entertaining information and spend significant time with advertiser-produced media, which in turn produces higher conversion rates than traditional marketing, increases brand recognition and drives sales lift.”

What does Story by PulsePoint do? In sum, it helps marketers optimize for post-click behavior. The platform provides creative, audience, and page-level engagement metrics across channel and format and enables marketers to achieve maximum results through optimization tools that adjust campaign configurations in real time.

The addition of AI and machine learning to update algorithms and continuously improve performance is a major plus.

“Story by PulsePoint is built to help brands make meaningful connections with consumers,” said Andrew Stark, SVP of Content Solutions at PulsePoint. “Our technology focuses on engagement with content and provides actionable page-level behavior metrics to drive results and deliver successful campaigns.”

Want to see a Story by PulsePoint demo? Click here.