New Platform Xocial Reward and Inspires Social Good

xocial_HP_Banner_imageXocial, a new platform, is designed to inspire and measure social good. It encourages positive social acts and rewards them using brands marketing power.

It is built on the universal appeal of online ratings, the proven link between gratitude and happiness, the human love for competition, and of course, a trusted algorithm, those behind the platform note.

Individuals, organizations, and brands can use Xocial to recognize day-to-day contributions in the workplace and community, create campaigns focused around a cause, and fund efforts aimed at making a difference.

There are several ways to utilize the platform, MMW learned from our briefing last week. You can use it to raise awareness of a social cause or to raise funds for your own foundation with a Xocial campaign. When used to inspire good through your own campaign, use social media and a leaderboard to “gamify goodness,” which inspires healthy competition to either raise awareness of a social cause or funds for a foundation.

The platform can also reward good with the Gift-A-Do-Gooder program. You can use the advertising and promotions you already use to connect with your corporate social responsibility efforts, mission, or your product. Target users by their XO score to contact them at a moment when they are celebrating a meaningful milestone, associating your brand with a positive feeling. You can also reward people by sending them your next promotion or campaign, sending a special gift to a select few, or smaller gifts to a list of hundreds.