New Partnership Gives Ad Buyers More Accurate Targeting Capabilities, at Scale

PCH/Media, the digital advertising arm of Publishers Clearing House (PCH), announced Thursday a new partnership that will give brand and agency advertisers access to “100 percent declared age and gender data” through The Trade Desk, Inc., a global technology platform for buyers of advertising.

According to a statement emailed to MMW, the new partnership will make PCH data available to all users of The Trade Desk’s platform – enabling buyers to more accurately target consumers based on age and gender segments at scale.

Through PCH’s unique, registration-based data collection methods – which include online games, commerce and its famous sweepstakes prizes – consumers willingly opt in and share data with PCH to win. The result for advertisers: 100 percent declared data on more than 110 million U.S. consumers.

“Many advertisers still use modeled data to target buyers, which is only a best guess to a person’s age and gender based on a digital footprint. Given the immense pressure to drive performance from media today, modeled data is no longer enough. In narrowly-defined market segments, declared data has proven to be two-three times more accurate than modeled data,” said Spencer Scott, Head of Media Platforms at PCH/Media. “In partnership with The Trade Desk, we are committed to helping advertisers generate higher returns, improve performance and eliminate waste.”

“The new partnership will give our customers the ability to accurately target PCH’s highly-engaged users, at scale,” said David Danziger, VP of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “The addition of this audience combined with the ability to activate declared data across digital ad campaigns greatly benefits our advertisers.”

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