New Partners: Acxiom, 4INFO to Deliver Location-Based Segments for Digital Campaigns

Acxiom, the data foundation for the world’s best marketers, has announced the launch of a new partnership with 4INFO to deliver location-based audience segments, modeled by Acxiom.

We’re told that the data-as-a-service solution combines 4INFO’s Predictive Visitors audience segments with Acxiom data to create compelling, location-informed targeting segments for digital campaigns. Through the partnership, marketers can improve their ability to provide consumers with relevant offers and engaging consumer experiences.

The partnership is the latest example of Acxiom’s strategy to bring all the world’s data to marketers’ fingertips through its Partner Enablement Program. 4INFO’s highly predictive data has been carefully combined with Acxiom’s world class consumer data and omnichannel identity graph, enabling instantaneous connection to over 500 partners in the digital ecosystem.

“In this busiest of advertising seasons, these new, actionable target segments allow retailers and other marketers to create location-based audiences and deliver highly relevant messaging to consumers,” stated Rick Erwin, president of Acxiom Audience Solutions. “According to the Mobile Marketing Association*, 78 percent of marketers have increased their spending on location-based mobile advertising based on foot traffic data. This new offering enables marketers to leverage this trend, by making it safe and easy to reach specific audiences across any connected device.”

If you’re not familiar, 4INFO starts with historical location data from billions of data points seen on more than 300 million unique devices, then applies a deep learning process that finds location, device and app usage patterns to predict future visitation.

With the addition of Acxiom’s privacy-compliant data, “marketers can be confident in the accuracy of their campaigns.”

“By using 4INFO’s predictive visitation information combined with demographic, purchase or propensity data from Acxiom, brands are equipped to deliver more relevant ads that will provide tangible benefits to consumers,” noted Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO. “The combination of our Privacy by Design methodology and Acxiom’s industry-leading ethical data use practices ensures personally identifiable consumer information will be protected and removed in the process to create these audiences.”