New Mobile Retargeting Solution Generating Buzz

New Mobile Retargeting Solution Generating BuzzLiquidM, a white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), has launched its new mobile retargeting capabilities to help mobile developers and advertisers re-engage their customers.

These new retargeting capabilities can help remind people who have already visited a digital property to reuse an app or revisit a website to complete their purchases.

Ad networks which are using LiquidM’s full stack mobile advertising management platform (MAMP) can offer these retargeting campaigns to their advertisers, which will aid e-commerce sites in bringing back old visitors and help app developers re-engage their users.

“App developers usually pay high CPIs (Cost per Install) to get users to download their apps. Say a user downloaded the app, used it once, but then forgot about it. The advertiser’s investment went to loss in that case, and the effective ROI is zero,” says Roi Chobadi, chief product officer of LiquidM. “One solution is to use retargeting. Not only will it guarantee you higher user engagement, it will also ensure the success of your CPI campaign that you ran before, creating the habit of using that app.”

Retargeting on mobile is getting a boost from a few big players like Google, Facebook and Twitter. New tech is coming down the pike — necessary, since traditional retargeting is completely dependent on cookies, a method which is generally not possible in mobile.

However, LiquidM’s Identification Server made retargeting on mobile a reality across a new cookie-less, fragmented mobile ecosystem.

“We are committed to bringing the full-stack mobile advertising management platform to the hands of every mobile advertiser. Some big players like Twitter are betting most of their mobile advertising strategy on retargeting and native ads. We offer those as features in our full-stack platform that covers all the mobile advertising needs,” says Christof Wittig, CEO of LiquidM. “Retargeting in a full stack platform will allow Ad networks to retarget users they see on their own inventory and direct publishers. But the thing is, they can retarget them on RTB inventory, and this is very powerful, as it allows advertisers not only to extend their reach significantly via RTB, but also to get better performance, as data collected on direct publishers can be leveraged with regard to same users identified on RTB.”