New Mobile Marketing App May Help Real Estate Agents

New Mobile Marketing App May Help Real Estate AgentsCOA Network shared with MMW today the details of its freshly launched mobile text message marketing app for real estate agents.

We’re told the new mobile marketing service is aimed at helping realtors attract more home buyers and sell more properties.
From the announcement:

The real estate market is highly competitive. Every home buyer lead that a real estate agent receives can be associated with a dollar value. It is imperative that a realtor attracts more leads and nurtures them in order to accelerate his chances of selling a home. iMarket2Mobile’s complete mobile marketing solution gives realtors the tools to do so.

In a nutshell, agents can use iMarket2Mobile to promote their property listings with a text message code. When a potential home buyer drives by a home for sale, they can text the property code to the agent’s iMarket2Mobile number. From there, the buyer receives a text with a link to the property’s details. Concurrently, the agent receives a text with the potential buyer’s cell phone number.

“This process enables home buyers to learn more about a property without calling the agent and at the same time the agent knows there is some interest in the property and can contact the potential buyer since they have the visitor’s cell phone number,” COA Network explains.

The company says free trials of iMarket2Mobile are now available. To check it out, click here.