New Mobile-First SMS Delivery Solution Makes Waves Down Under

apple-1034298_960_720Big news from the mobile masterminds down under.

Our sources in Sydney, Australia tell us that established digital publishing company Realview Digital is releasing PARTICA, a solution which allows travel and tourism operators to deliver their brochures and visitor guides via SMS, straight into the hands of travellers.

“The drastic shift of digital behavior over recent years has seen a huge increase in mobile content and media consumption, with eMarketer predicting that this year, 73% of Americans who research their travel options digitally will do so using a mobile device,” a provided statement reads.

It is this trend that is sparking travel and tourism operators to rethink how best to engage readers on their mobile device. Many are moving away from flipbook solutions for their guides and are seeking out effective and lucrative new avenues to engage directly with the mobile market.

Created specifically with the marketing challenges of travel and tourism operators in mind, PARTICA pulls together the most in demand native mobile features such as two-way SMS, tap-to-call, tap-for-directions, and easy print-to-digital-ad conversion, to help publishers strengthen their content marketing and audience development strategies for mobile.

“With an unprecedented open rate of 99%, SMS content delivery is undoubtedly driving the mobile marketing revolution for the travel and tourism industry,” says Realview CEO Richard Lindley in response to the success of PARTICA’s limited prerelease.

Publishers, the statement notes, are already witnessing a substantial increase in reader pick-up rates and discoverability of their digital guides, brochures, and magazines since employing the use of the PARTICA mobile-first solution.

“All travelers need to do is text a keyword that we advertise on a billboard, on the train, in a visitor information centre, or in the airport arrival zone, and they will be immediately delivered the latest HTML5 version of their guide to their phone,” adds Tom Raggatt, CEO of HWR Media and Communications, who has been trialling the technology with Realview for Tourism South Australia. “With PARTICA’s easy SMS delivery system, readers are no longer burdened with needing to scour the app stores for our content, we deliver the content straight to them as soon as they request it.”