New Mobile App Marketing Platform Taking Off

Grow Mobile has unwrapped for public release its new mobile app marketing platform.

Calling its platform “revolutionary,” Grow Mobile says its solution enables marketers to buy across the entire mobile advertising ecosystem with unparalleled insights and intelligence.

The Grow Mobile Platform is the first self-serve dashboard for marketers to transparently buy, track, optimize and scale their advertising campaigns across the highly complex and fragmented mobile advertising marketplace.

In short, Grow Mobile says its platform will help marketers make more informed advertising decisions and increase their overall return on investment with one solution.

“The number of players involved in the mobile ecosystem can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, leading to complicated tracking and reporting and massive waste in marketing investment and internal development resources,” explains Brendan Lyall, Chief Executive Officer at Grow Mobile.

“We started Grow Mobile to change the way companies approach mobile application marketing and provide a gateway into the mobile ecosystem,” Lyall adds. “Grow Mobile’s single integration, single reporting dashboard and single point of contact enable companies to free up internal resources and focus on the best strategies to scale the userbases of their mobile applications.”

To learn more about the freshly unveiled platform, click here.