New Mobile App Download Record Achieved Last Week

New Mobile App Download Record Achieved Last WeekAhead of last week’s Christmas holiday, mobile app downloads were predicted to reach new all-time highs. And the the projection was realized, Flurry announced Monday.

With connected devices fast-becoming “part of our Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions,” the holidays now bring with them a bounty of new devices in need of apps.

Consequently, Flurry’s latest data shows another record-breaking level of app downloads this Christmas.

For this report, we looked across more than 400,000 apps that Flurry tracks globally to see what happened around the Christmas tree. We found that Christmas downloads were up by 91% compared to an average day in the first three weeks of December.

But the maturation of the app market means that changes are in store for app developers,” the report explains.

“The gold rush days of huge jumps in the overall size of the connected device installed base on Christmas, followed by a dizzying rush of app downloads are fading,” Flurry says. “Of course, there will still be apps that tap into some vein of consumer interest or amusement and developers who strike it rich as a consequence. But overall, the successful developers in 2014 and beyond will be those who put in the hard work of identifying a target group of users, creating apps that work well for them, and continually refining and reinventing mobile experiences to profitably retain those users.”