New .Mobi Site Says “Go Fish”

First Light Net, a Colorado Springs, CO-based online advertising network specializing in the fishing, hunting, sports and outdoor industries, announced today the acquisition of This adds to their network of over 400 outdoors websites, including BigFishTackle.Mobi – a mobile phone site that allows anglers to access fishing reports and info from their mobile handset.

The plan is to turn Fishing.Mobi into a social network for fisherfolk who happen to be mobile savvy. It will offer users resources for researching fishing trips, techniques and providing them access to other members for advice and fishing reports while they are fishing. Fishing.Mobi will be suited to the “dotMobi” standard requirements enabling it to be available on all enabled handsets.

According to information from the newest National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, during 2006, 30.0 million people fished, 12.5 million hunted, and 71.1 million participated in at least one type of wildlife-watching activity such as observing, feeding, or photographing fish and other wildlife in the United States. Nielsen Mobile stats say that 95 million Americans subscribe to mobile Internet access and 40 million of them regularly go online with their phones. If the fishing stats are right, this is a tempting target market for any of you promoting outdoors related products and services.

Mike Hodgdon, C.O.O. at First Light Net said, “The mobile phone internet is really one of the most amazing resources in the history of “fishing”. Historically anglers were limited to resources like, print periodicals that provided dated fishing reports… now anglers will have access to hundreds of hours of fishing videos, fishing reports, tips, a fishing resources directory, fishing forum and wealth of tools like tide information, weather reports, but most importantly they will have literally at their finger tips, a network of tens of thousands of anglers to answer questions and provide potentially live reports on the body of water they are fishing, while they are actually fishing.”