New Method For 100% Opt-In SMS Marketing

Building an opt-in marketing list can be a rather daunting task. Whether it be for internet marketing, traditional marketing, and especially for SMS marketing. An interesting new service is out to change all that.

AdCalls offers a new approach to building your opt-in SMS marketing list by utilizing the incentive of free calls for your potential clients/customers. Here’s how it works…

Upon partnering with AdCalls, you receive customized calling cards that sport your companies logo, and other information about your products or services. You can then offer the cards to your existing and potential customers for free. When the customers use their free calls, they get SMS messages sent to their cell phones in the form of any content you choose. You can customize the content via an online control panel, while tracking in real time your results. As an advertiser or “private label client” you also receive a customized PC phone dialer to give away free to your customers as well. Every time the customer uses the dialer, they see your advertisements and logo in exchange for free PC-based calls.

The company uses it’s own P2P (Phone2Phone) network to accomplish the service. When a customer uses the calling card, they simply call a local number which connects them to the network. They can then dial any number to place their free calls. What this system also does is track the user’s information and inserts the data into a CRM application, while giving you the opportunity and the permission to send them an advertisement via SMS.

The service is available in three package levels; Professional, Corporate, and Private Network. They all share the same basic functionality, but differ in the number of phone cards issued per month, as well as the number of text messages you can send per month. Prices range from $50 per month for 200 phone cards initially, 100 per month thereafter, and 100 text messages to $200 per month for 2,000 cards initially, 300 per month thereafter, 500 text messages, and personalized company greetings when your customers use the cards.

We’ll keep an eye on this service, and see how it goes. It should be interesting to see how well received the concept proves to be. Will people be willing to accept advertising in exchange for some free calling time?