New Machine Learning Algorithm Means Next-Level Audience Targeting for Brands

Ogury, the mobile data platform that provides the most comprehensive view of mobile-user behavior globally, is enhancing its targeting capabilities with the launch of a cutting-edge solution for brands and marketers.

This new solution combines human intelligence and machine learning in the planning and implementation of mobile advertising campaigns, delivering audience targeting of unparalleled accuracy at scale.

It works in three interconnected steps: learn, optimize, share.

Learn: It starts by learning criteria at the start of a client’s campaign – such as the brand website data – to learn from users’ qualified traffic. Ogury’s proprietary algorithm, called Lituus, comes into play by learning from the qualified traffic of the chosen websites and identifying both the discriminant and similar attributes amongst users. After studying this, Lituus builds a targeting matrix composed of hundreds of different criteria.

“Ogury’s new targeting solution offers higher performance at a bigger scale and with increased transparency. Its highly automated process also means minimal human input, which not only saves time during the campaign setup phase but also allows better targeting,” says Christophe Thibault, Chief Algorithm Officer at Ogury. “In the first applications of this new machine learning approach, we have observed up to 50 percent drops in user bounce rate in cost-per-click campaigns and up to 16 percent increases in video completion rates in cost-per-view campaigns over human targeting alone.”