New Lead Generation Services Turning Heads

MMW learned today that BusinessCreator, Inc. is now offering three lead generation program options to best fit any small business goals and budget.

“Our Power Business Builder Lead Generation Pay Per Call, Power Business Builder Lead Generation Flat Monthly Fee, and the Rapid Results Lead Generation are designed to get your phone to ring,” Edward Kundahl, President and Owner of BusinessCreator, tells us.

“Lead Generation is not for the faint of heart. It is a commitment. It is an investment in your business. And it can be scary. Did you or your company ever look into programs that generate leads? Spending lots of money on search marketing and listing in directories without results? Directory listings can be expensive and deliver disappointing results. Most of those so-called directories you see on TV commercials just take your money and do not deliver many new customers and most months, none at all. You have probably already experienced this problem. You won’t be disappointed in our program. We deliver exclusive leads to your phone,” added Kundahl.

More information about the company and their new service is available here.