New iPad Buyers Rapidly Depleting Supply Ahead of Product Launch

Following Apple’s introduction yesterday of its most revolutionary iPad yet, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is already seeing its stockpile of new iPads dwindle away at an astonishing rate.

In addition to Apple’s website presenting no shortage of traffic surge-related glitches yesterday, today we’re learning that so many Apple fans have preordered their new iPad that Apple is already seeing a constrain on supply amidst crushing demand.

By Thursday morning it was clear that Apple is quickly selling out of first-day delivery inventory for a number of the new iPad models. Although the third generation tablet officially launches next Friday, March 16th, some folks who purchased their iPad today were given a shipping estimate of March 19th.

First day supply of the white 4G LTE model (AT&T) is believed to be sold out, with March 19th the new delivery estimate for the time being. The same goes for the 16BG and 64GB models.

Although Apple is no stranger to product shortages when a hot new device drops, some analysts believe Apple may have a nearly impossible time meeting the initial demand for the new iPad.