New ‘Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation’ Published

New 'Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation' PublishedThis week, MMA’s Smartbrief touted the freshly published “Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing Automation.”

“In 2015,” the announcement reads, “how does the modern marketer succeed against increasing mobile competition? How does one look beyond the basic app install and focus on user retention and app engagement? How can mobile messaging be used intelligently, in an automated and optimized way? That’s where Mobile Marketing Automation comes in.”
Issued by Kahuna, the 65-page document explores:

  • How mobile marketing automation differs from mobile analytics
  • How mobile marketing automation can increase mobile engagement
  • Why mobile marketing automation delivers the most value out of app installs
  • What you should look for in a mobile marketing automation vendor

To learn more or to download the complete guide, click here.