New Groupon Ad Campaign Targets Millennials

Groupon is back and its taking its message to Millennials.

Following what the company calls its strongest year for customer growth in four years (which saw more than 5 million new customers added in North America), Groupon is now launching a new advertising campaign aimed at working millennials and traditional power users.

The ads, which use the tagline “Save Up to $100 a Week on What You Do Every Day,” emphasize how Groupon can “play an integral part of your daily routine such as going out for tacos with friends or getting your nails done.”

“As we continue to build on our successful 2016 ad campaign, which was about showcasing the experiences available on Groupon that make life great, we’re expanding our target audience and focusing on high frequency categories with the message that customers can use Groupon every day to save money,” said Jon Wild, VP of Marketing for North America at Groupon. “Millennials, especially those at the older end of the spectrum, value the unique experiences that are core to who we are as a company, possess an increasing purchasing power in line with our most frequent customers and prefer a mobile shopping experience.”

To reach an increasingly cord-cutting millennial audience, the multimillion-dollar campaign –– currently running through June –– emphasizes customized creative and online video. The online ads will run in :15 and :30-second formats on YouTube, Hulu, Crackle and other popular video platforms.

The new campaign will also target Groupon’s traditional “supermom” demographic and will run TV spots in :15 and :30-second formats on broadcast and cable networks.