New Global Digital Marketing Group Focusing on Mobile and Video for Engagement

VideoOn Tuesday, ClickDealer and MobAir confirmed to MMW the formation of Global Digital Marketing Group (GDM Group), a new digital performance marketing company.

“Focused on online solutions that empower the world’s leading brands and agencies seeking to more effectively engage global audiences, GDM Group’s offerings include a mobile monetization and user acquisition platform, performance marketing, media buying and video advertising,” a provided statement notes.

Advertisers are losing billions of dollars each year on marketing campaigns that underperform. By bringing these solutions together within a flexible integration system that provides accurate analytics, GDM Group will help advertisers avoid wasting dollars on underperforming marketing campaigns — an extension of ClickDealer’s and MobAir’s focus on innovation that drives better business outcomes for their customers.

“With a full set of digital media solutions intended to drive revenue and increase brand awareness, Global Digital Marketing Group will deliver improved customer engagement and lifetime value to our customers,” said Dmitry Atamanyuk, CEO of Global Digital Marketing Group, in a news release. “In the coming months, we will further unify advertising efforts worldwide, giving marketers more opportunities to reach and engage their customers without the stress that typically comes with navigating the digital media landscape.”

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