Does The New G5 Intelligent Marketing Deliver?

Source: Pexels

MMW has learned that G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud is now available for Real Estate Property Management Marketers nationwide.

Designed for multifamily apartments, self storage properties, and senior living communities, the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud integrates marketing functions on one platform, enabling Marketers to see what’s happening across their entire real estate portfolio in real time.

By capturing and storing marketing information in one data warehouse, Marketers can amplify their impact by making informed decisions about their marketing strategies, optimizing campaigns, and managing marketing costs more closely. Using new artificial intelligence technologies, it is now possible to optimize both the marketing experience and campaign management to achieve highest ROI while delivering results at the lowest cost.

“Our vision is that all aspects of multichannel marketing will be optimized using the vast amounts of data available through our platform, and taken to new dimensions using artificial intelligence technology that delivers new experiences in real time – while improving our clients’ ROI,” says Dan Hobin, CEO of G5. “Our clients will see continued improvements in real estate marketing as we expand our use of artificial intelligence throughout the real estate marketing cycle.”

G5’s approach is to ensure that all marketing data across digital advertising, search engine optimization, web, mobile, reputation and social are integrated into one data hub across the entire platform. In this manner, both historical and real-time data are used to understand and predict customer journeys and campaign effectiveness. Campaigns can be updated and optimized continuously, rather than looking in the rear-view mirror on antiquated results from previous quarters.

The G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud is available now.