New from HI-FI: ‘Tagcasting’ Helps Publishers, Businesses, and Individuals to Prosper with LIVE Video

iphone-featureHI-FI, billed as “The Mobile Lifestyle Network,” has just introduced LIVE broadcasting on its mobile media platform.

“Called Tagcasting, the new LIVE video capability empowers brands and users alike to reach qualified, self-selected audiences with targeted video content organized by topic within the HI-FI platform,” reads a statement emailed to MMW. “Distinct from most streaming applications that organize content by presenter or geography and provide little indication of theme or relevance, HI-FI provides publishers and brands greater consumer engagement and potential for monetization by delivering content in the category and context of users’ expressed interests.”

It could be — say company execs — the best targeting move yet.

“All other live streaming platforms are still based upon the antiquated social graph of users following users with little contextualization of the subject matter,” explained Winder Hughes, the founder and CEO of HI-FI. “We believe Tagcasting delivers the most effective live streaming experience to engage and monetize real-time, targeted audiences today. With this feature, we make it natural for users to build focused mobile communities around shared interests, live events, instructional videos and spontaneous experiences.”

The HI-FI Marketplace allows publishers, businesses, and individuals to create and buy their own hashtag sites hosted on HI-FI, similarly to how websites are hosted on the internet.

“These hashtag sites, called Tagtopics, are mobile community destinations featuring curated news and lifestyle content, organized by category and topic, which flow into a user’s newsfeed filtered by their interests, as opposed to who they know,” notes a news release published Wednesday. “This enables micro-communities of consumers with shared passions to form around each Tagtopic.”

Another bonus? Tagcasting enables interaction between presenter and audience with two-way communication via built-in chat capabilities.

“By using Tagcasting, we can work with our communities through live, two-way communication capabilities via built-in-chat,” said Sean Holtzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier Corporation. “This is an additional way that HI-FI helps us engage with our audience and drive value for our marketing partners on mobile.”

More information about Tagcasting is available here.