New Digital Product Consultancy Launches in the United Kingdom

Pivot is a new digital product consultancy that’s going live this week, MMW has learned.

Specializing in helping product teams build better products, the company was founded by Chris Leo, ex-Head of Digital Innovation at FreshMinds.

Pivot, we’re told, focuses on speed of service, promising to pinpoint user pain, solve it quickly and measure results in two weeks.

“Market demand for digital products continues to increase and as a result product teams are expanding,” Chris tells us. “These teams are adopting new approaches to market and user testing that balances speed with robustness. Pivot will be at the forefront of helping product people validate and iterate at sprint speed.”

His recent Start Up Weekend experience served as inspiration for Pivot’s launch.

“Mentoring these young, brilliant people was a fantastic feeling. It taught me a lot,” Chris adds. “One big lesson was that user-centred design and rapid testing are going to play a huge part in the future of product development. I wanted to create company that was a leader in this exciting future – that’s why Pivot was born!”

You can find out more about Pivot here.