New Details Surface in Alleged Apple, FBI Data Mishap

As MMW reported last week, a group of hackers known as Antisec claims that an FBI computer contains approximately one million unique device identifiers (UDID) belonging to Apple product owners.

In the wake of such unsettling news, a number of questions and concerns have mounted with regard to how the information was procured and why it was in possession of the feds (although the FBI is denying all claims).

On Monday, however, new details surfaced with regard to what may have ultimately happened.

A small Florida publishing company says the million-record database of Apple gadget identifiers released last week by the hacker group Anonymous was stolen from its servers two weeks ago.

According to NBC News, the admission contradicts previous claim that the hacker group stole the data from an FBI agent’s laptop in March.

Anonymous’ accusations garnered attention because they suggested that the FBI was using the unique gadget identifiers — called UDIDs — to engage in high-level spying on American citizens via their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The FBI denied the claim, last week, and when asked to comment for this story, referred to last week’s denial.

“That’s 100 percent confidence level, it’s our data,” Paul DeHart, CEO of the Blue Toad publishing company, tells NBC. “As soon as we found out we were involved and victimized, we approached the appropriate law enforcement officials, and we began to take steps to come forward, clear the record and take responsibility for this.”