New Company Helps Podcasters Extend Reach And Advertisers Find Audience

New Company Helps Podcasters Extend Reach And Advertisers Find AudienceMesa Matrix, a newly formed company, has announced the launch of an exclusive digital platform that gives advertisers access to a vast network of podcasters and their expanding audiences, while also providing those advertisers with quantifiable results.

Already, Mesa Matrix has landed key podcasting clients that represent 80 million monthly downloads, and is expected to reach an additional 100 million by the end of second quarter.

“Through our relationship with our podcasters, we will be able to help advertisers reach a defined audience, resulting in a better return on investment,” says Mark Graff, the CEO of Mesa Matrix. “On the flipside, we also will be helping the podcasters increase their audiences and generate more revenue.

“Technically, we have the chops to bundle app development and cloud services. This will mean even greater exposure and reach for the creative work they are doing.”

In years past, podcasts were viewed as a hobby, but the trends in recent years have seen many of them becoming significant profit centers. Mesa Matrix’s effort will help accelerate the medium’s growth.

Here’s how: Mesa Matrix helps both advertisers and podcasters through exclusive platforms that include an internet TV network, a proprietary set top box and a smart-phone distribution system.  Each of these platforms give podcasters an additional way to reach and expand their audiences, which in turn means increased audience reach for the advertisers as well.

Meanwhile, through a unique set of algorithms, Mesa Matrix also is able to help those advertisers further define audiences and consumer trends, so they more cost effectively reach the targeted customers they are after.

Recent studies show that Mesa Matrix is coming into existence at the right time. Globally, revenue from digital advertising is surging and should surpass traditional television advertising by the end of 2017, according to a study by Magna Global. Surging growth of alternative platforms such as podcasting, over-the-top content and the Internet of Things are creating new decisions for advertisers.

“We believe that, with our unique approach, Mesa Matrix is positioned perfectly to take advantage of these trends,” Graff says.