New Application Adskip Aims to Do Double Duty

b1Advertisers and publishers may hate it. But consumers may like it.

“The newly released ad removal software, Adskip, has been met with rousing praise according to user reviews,” a news release shared with MMW reads.

The software filters ads at a higher speed than comparable programs without the annoying processing lag typically experienced by users of ad removal applications, the app makers tell us.

After ads are removed from web pages using Adskip, the user interface provided is clean and clutter-free. Users are given an internet environment without the distraction and security risk of unwanted advertising.

Additionally, Adskip never collects the personal information of users for promotional or internal purposes, and the software is streamlined to provide the essentials without occupying too much space on devices.

“Protection of private information is a necessary concern in the Information Age because users risk exposure with every page view. Smart devices are especially at risk of data theft,” the release notes. “The average internet page is crammed with wall to wall pop-up, floating, or fixed ad placements that could contain malicious code. Video ads that start without prompting and tracking ads that document your every page visit can distract users from a positive internet experience and present a security risk. By eliminating potentially harmful ads, Adskip not only provides users with an ad-free internet environment, it also provides protection from malicious software and phishing schemes.”

Adskip is available for download from the company’s website and through the iOS store, Google Android, Microsoft Windows or Amazon app store.