New App Speakup Aims to Reinvent Digital Interaction

iphone-frameThe launch of Speakup, a next-generation face-to-face video platform designed to “spark chains of thoughtful interaction,” marks what the platform makers call a shift toward authentic, meaningful conversation for anyone and everyone searching for a respectful place to passionately engage in real-world issues.

Thoughtful, connected conversations about things that really matter have become lost amid the clutter of today’s social landscape. Whether confined to character limits or restricted by unavoidable feather ruffling that comes with the anonymity of social posts, discussing big-picture topics without the fear of judgment is a constant challenge, especially for socially conscious citizens.

Speakup aims to “change all of that for good.”

How so?

Speakup facilitates “real-time dialogue and community among individuals who are united by their shared passions and interests across a comprehensive spectrum of topics and channels.”

Anyone with a point of view can simply speak up by uploading impactful 24-second videos into the Speakup universe, allowing folks who resonate with that message to respond with their thoughts at their convenience, a statement provided to MMW reads.

These dialogue threads remain in the Speakup database so users can explore video content on a specific trend or topic of their choice and reengage with their favorite video at any time, without misinterpretations inherent to other platforms and the anonymity of keyboard bullying.

Popular influencers, including Michael Strahan, Doug Ellin, and even Wiz Khalifa, have already made appearances on Speakup among others.

Speakup is available as a free download on iOS devices. You can follow the Speakup app on Facebook and Twitter. And, for more information, check out