New Analysis: TV Still Has Mojo to Grease Internet Commerce Skids

New Analysis TV Still Has Mojo to Grease Internet Commerce SkidsDoes TV still have enough juice to work in the digital age?

Apparently, yes. A new report reveals that website traffic rises and falls in direct correlation with TV advertising for the majority of call-to-action brands.

Ignition Point: The TV-Traffic Correlation for Call-to-Action Brands” analyzed a cross-section of 125 brands in six different categories (restaurants, retail, travel, telecommunications/location-based mobile apps, financial, insurance) representing more than $30 billion in television advertising in 2014.

The report examined a cross-section of call-to-action advertisers — large, midsized, small, national, regional and local — with more than 100,000 unique visitors per month as determined by comScore.

“Fully 82 percent of these brands showed a direct correlation between TV advertising and website traffic,” according to the VAB. “Of the 85 brands with visitor increases, 87 percent had upped TV spending — an average of 22 percent increase in spending and 24 percent increase in visitors. Of the 40 brands with visitor decreases, 70 percent had lowered TV spending — an average of 10 percent less TV spending and 9 percent decrease in visitors.”

Looks like television still has the mojo to grease the internet skids.

“TV is the great activator in Internet commerce,” said Sean Cunningham, President & CEO of the Video Advertising Bureau, which published the report as the second in a What’s Driving Digital series. “A majority of brands with the most on the line for big sales now see their website traffic follow the curve of their investment in TV advertising. TV advertising does more than generate awareness; it triggers the most important action at a time when the Internet functions as a brand’s storefront to the world.”