New AI-Powered Mobile Optimizer Launches for Advertisers

largeAhead of the weekend, DataXu — a provider of programmatic marketing and analytics software — announced the global rollout of Mobile Optimizer for Advertisers.

Mobile Optimizer for Advertisers leverages DataXu’s OneView cross-device technology and its machine learning system to bring new marketing capabilities to mobile performance advertising for the first time.

All told, the offering enables advertisers to “accelerate the growth of app installs and increase engagement of users across all their devices and apps.”

At its core, the Mobile Optimizer for Advertisers utilizes OneView technology to expand an advertiser’s audience by linking consumer identifiers across devices to form holistic pictures of real users and directly engage those users using DataXu’s industry leading programmatic advertising platform.

“Advertisers can boost their audiences using mobile device ID and cookie data from first- and third-parties along with information from a brand’s own DMP, CRM system, purchase history or site-based behavioral data,” a provided release reads.

Ed Montes, Chief Revenue Officer for DataXu, is elated with the opportunity at hand.

“Mobile Optimizer for Advertisers leverages DataXu’s strongest assets — our world-class advanced machine learning capabilities and OneView cross-device technology — to process and filter massive amounts of data across disparate data sets in order to unlock the full potential of mobile for brands and their agencies,” said Montes. “The most innovative marketers are recognizing the value of mobile applications and the data associated with them as the strongest bond between brands and their customers from both a customer experience and marketing intelligence standpoint.”