Nevada Blames Economy For New Interest In Mobile

The state of Nevada is facing extreme budget shortfalls, as is the rest of the country, and because of this is recommending a strong push for mobile advertising to help the bottom line. When it comes to marketing, the state is telling its agencies to think of “creative ways to do more with less.” In terms of marketing, there’s no better bang-for-your-buck than with mobile.

Representatives of the tourism department’s marketing staff told the committee they would do more with low-cost social media Web sites such as YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Flicker and Twitter, and while this will no doubt help, mobile should be the new center point. Staff members hope to continue development for their mobile Web capabilities that have been making strides for Northern Nevada’s ski industry, and hopes to offer similar mobile Web sites for the state’s golf industry.

Nevada has more or less completely discontinued its budget for TV ads and the large-scale campaigns that Nevada, and especially Las Vegas, have been known for in the past. The mobile approach will save the state a fortune when compared to previous years, and will most likely prove to be more successful in the long run as well.