Netsize Publishes Latest Mobile Marketing Survey

Netsize Mobile Marketing ReportNetsize, the self-proclaimed “leading mobile commerce and communications enabler,” has published its latest market report titled “Mobile Marketing Survey 2009: Can companies and brands rise to the challenge and cash in on the mobile marketing opportunity.”

Netsize wanted to identify the latest chief drivers and obstacles impacting mobile marketing growth, and conducted an online survey of 221+ professionals and practitioners from all parts of the world (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific/Australia and Africa/Middle East) to determine the role and usage of mobile marketing and the perceived business benefits.

While the survey included a relatively small sample size, the findings are worth mentioning only because they come straight from the professionals and decision-makers who are still truly weighing the benefits and negatives surrounding mobile marketing.  Here’s some highlights from the survey:

  • Quality of opt-in campaign databases is a main concern: One-third of respondents (32%) expressed concern over the quality of the customer mobile phone numbers stored in their opt-in databases.
  • Messaging is essential: Usage of MMS is poised for significant growth, with with 22% of respondents revealing plans to double deployment in the next six months. The use of SMS messaging is also on the rise, but will move from a one-way message to a two-way conversation.
  • Mobile marketing is teamwork: The vast majority of respondents (47%) outsource to providers that can meet their requirements for a fully-managed marketing solution. Campaign execution services was the most sought-after skill (57%), followed by measurement, analytics and reporting (54%), technical services and integration (52%), and mobile campaign management (52%).
  • Marked interest in more innovative formats: Respondents reported use of branded content will increase from 29% to 35%, use of branded apps will rise from 23% to 35%. Finally, use of mobile coupons and QR codes will jump from 20% to 31%.
  • Mobile is part of the mix to attract and keep customers: The vast majority of respondents (56%) currently use mobile to acquire new customers. But that will change as respondents follow through on their plans to boost customer retention and loyalty through mobile marketing (64%), streamline transactions (37%) and enable commerce and sales using a mobile device (37%).

The findings coincide with most surveys and research surrounding mobile marketing, and the bottom line is that while companies are using mobile, they’re only using methods that are beginning to become mainstream- such as SMS/MMS.  Furthermore, the lack of education surrounding successful use of mobile campaigns is a driving factor (as always) in the lack of innovation when launching mobile campaigns.