Netflix Tops 20 Million Subscribers Becoming Largest Subscription-Based US Company

If Netflix wasn’t a giant in its field before, it certainly is now.

Netflix has become the largest subscription-based company in the U.S.

As reported by Business Insider, Netflix’s Q4 subscriber growth “beat the Street,” passing 20 million subscribers for the first time.

During 2010, Netflix gained 7.7 million subscribers, far better than the 2.9 million subscribers it picked up in 2009.

According to Netflix, its fourth-quarter earnings were $47.1 million – a figure aided by the 3 million new subscribers that joined in the last quarter of 2010 alone.

And it appears the new subscriber base is quite fond of Apple TV.

Despite months of headlines that largely showed Apple’s iPad outpacing every competing device in every imaginable category, Netflix reveals that Apple TV has actually taken the lead over the touchscreen tablet. The connected TV portal has already streamed more hours of Netflix content than the iPad.

Apple TV has done very well for us, and in just four months has passed the also-growing iPad in Netflix viewing hours.

It’s its official earnings release, Netflix revealed that computers, PS3s, Xboxes, and Wiis are the most popular devices for streaming movies and television programs.