Netflix taking “Watch Instantly” to the iPhone and Wii?

In the unending attempt of modern entertainment providers to evolve in step with changing trends and technologies, Netflix is believed to have a resounding interest in bringing its “Watch Instantly” feature to a variety of new devices.

The feature, which allows subscribers to check out most movies in the Netflix library without having to touch a DVD or even walk to their computer or mailbox, is already a popular addition to the Xbox 360.

But according to some insider reports, the Nintendo Wii and Apple’s iPhone platform may be the next to get “Watch Instantly.”

The Wii seems a natural fit as Nintendo is all about streaming video and downloadable content, particularly in recent years. The iPhone, however, has largely seen Apple restrict an open arms approach to streaming video. As a result, streaming video on the iPhone may have to come via Wi-Fi in order to keep bandwidth on the already overburdened network to a minimum.

Is Netflix on to something big here?

Only time will tell.