Netflix and Amazon Net Content Deals with Disney and ABC

In what could prove to be highly lucrative deals for Amazon and Netflix, the streaming content providers are adding a wealth of content to their available inventories.

On Monday it was announced that both Amazon and Netflix have signed content deals with the Walt Disney Co.

In other words, Amazon and Netflix subscribers will now have access to even more Disney/ABC content on demand – including present and old-school television programming.

According to Tech Crunch, the Netflix deal “allows the company continued access to hundreds of episodes.” Similarly, the deal between Amazon and Disney adds another 800 titles to its Prime Instant Video lineup. The content is sourced from ABC Studio, The Disney Channel, ABC Family, and Marvel.

Financial terms related to the agreements were not made public, but we can all safely assume that Netflix and Amazon paid a pretty penny to make these deals happen.

These streaming deals are increasing becoming important as both services attempt to bolster its library. Netflix, in a free fall, needs the deals to hold on to subscribers while Amazon is attempting to kick out a foothold. Amazon’s library is still less than that of Netflix’s, but is on a tear lately, seemingly signing on content providers at a rapid pace. The two company’s are currently in a heated footrace, but this isn’t a sprint.

While the content libraries of both streaming providers continues to swell, Amazon’s library remains substantially less than what Netflix retains in its vault.