NetEnt Unleashes Unique Chroma Key Technology

One of the world’s leading iGaming software developers has launched a new range of live casino games, based on exclusive new technology. NetEnt, who have pioneered the development of engaging and state-of-the-art online casino games for the biggest and best casino operators, have unveiled their...

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One of the world’s leading iGaming software developers has launched a new range of live casino games, based on exclusive new technology. NetEnt, who have pioneered the development of engaging and state-of-the-art online casino games for the biggest and best casino operators, have unveiled their unique Chroma key technology that’s designed to take live streaming of classic casino table games to the next level.

The Chroma key technology has been developed to provide iGaming customers with a more immersive live casino experience. NetEnt, an iGaming software developer with a market share of 25% in Europe, consulted with many real casino players to offer a totally unique gaming environment that meets the needs of high-profile gamblers as well as relative newcomers and occasional players that require an intuitive user interface.

For the first time, NetEnt is giving its online casino operators the chance to provide their customers with live table casino games in stunning high-definition (HD) images. The company which is said to log up to 75,000 hours of live casino streaming a month, has refined live streaming technology to enable iGaming brands to be displayed in their customers’ own personal casino environment. This, combined with the interaction and professionalism of operators’ live dealers, will let iGaming customers enjoy a true live casino experience from their armchair or on the move, firmly throwing down the gauntlet to land-based casinos.

The Chroma key technology has been utilised to create a suite of casino games playable both online and via mobile gaming channels on smartphone and tablet devices. Admittedly, live streamed casino games aren’t exactly ground-breaking – they’ve been around for quite some time already – but, until now, no-one had been able to perfect the quality of the streaming and the graphics, particularly for mobile casino users.

Today, NetEnt-powered iGaming software is extremely popular in both Scandinavia and the UK, with the company proving the foresight required to develop online casino games for a range of iGaming brands that cater for both Scandinavian and British gambling audiences.

According to NetEnt CEO, Per Eriksson, UK online casino customers are more accustomed to playing games with additional bonuses and features, while Scandinavian iGaming customers tend to be happier to experience more wins within the original gameplay. Nevertheless, with the iGaming sector becoming the biggest facet of the UK gambling industry in 2016, accounting for 33% of all gambling in the UK, NetEnt has moved quickly to innovate and capture the attention of UK operators.

Let’s take a quick look at the three key areas NetEnt’s Chroma key technology will improve the iGaming user experience:

NetEnt Live Roulette

Chroma key technology is an absolute game-changer for the streaming of live roulette action on mobile devices in particular. It is available in up to 25 different languages from around the world. Players can take full advantage of a highly intuitive user interface, flawless and fluid streaming and high-definition video and audio that’s synchronized perfectly between the dealer and the player for a truly seamless handheld gambling experience.

There are a range of viewing modes available to live roulette players in both portrait and landscape mode. Players also have the option of choosing whether to view the action from the felt or watch the direct video stream to keep track of the ball at all times. The technology also makes it possible to watch the run of the ball and make bets during the spin to try to profit on inside and outside bets.

Inside bets allow players to place bets on numbers close to each other in terms of layout, or a group of up to 6 numbers. Outside bets cover pairs of numbers e.g. odd or even numbers, red or black numbers or high or low numbers, covering 18 numbers in total, and offer lower pay-outs than inside bets due to the increased chance of the bet winning.

NetEnt Live Blackjack

Blackjack remains one of, if not the number-one, most popular casino table game and the Chroma key technology has taken it up a notch for live online blackjack games. The real-time interaction of dealers, combined with crystal-clear live streaming quality and minimal latency ensures an iGaming experience as immersive as any land-based casino. All of the blackjack dealers are trained to be charismatic and highly interactive, encouraging chat among the players at all times.

The new technology also gives seasoned blackjack players the chance to revisit the dealer’s previous ten hands and overall table statistics to get a full picture of the action.

NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack

Designed exclusively for desktop iGaming players, this feature is 100% unique in the iGaming sector. It enables players from all over the world to play at the same time, using a plethora of different currencies at once. The Chroma key technology is used to offer a Common Draw blackjack game featuring an unlimited number of players at each blackjack table, with no player left having to wait their turn for a seat at a table. Combine this with the bespoke branding and white label marketing opportunities for online casino operators and it’s easy to see why this will become a staple feature in the iGaming portfolio of sites across the globe.

As yet there are no opportunities for free play of NetEnt’s live casino games utilising the Chroma key technology, but as it grows in popularity there may be calls for it to be adopted as a means of enticing a new breed of gambler to the iGaming scene.

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