NeoMedia Taking “Measurable Mobile Marketing” To The Next Level

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc, a recognized leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, is planning to release a new “measurable mobile marketing platform for ICE, the leading mobile network operator in Costa Rica.”

Why is this important? Because the NeoMedia platform will enable retailers, banks and other organizations to build a mobile marketing ecosystem that will drive innovative mobile-based marketing applications that, for the first time, can track, trace and measure consumer activity.

And anyone who thinks this won’t hit the mainstream soon perhaps isn’t taking a farsighted enough look at the future of mobile marketing. Although similar applications have long been in use, the versatility and coupling of features is what most intrigues me about this development at NeoMedia.

Consumers can use the phones to scan 2D barcodes on product packaging, advertisements, retail displays and publications. The codes open up a vast range of potential for product marketing, incentive-driven promotions, and value-added benefits to be offered to the consumer.

Each scan that triggers a visit to a promotional site can be traced and tracked, enabling 100 percent measurable activity and feedback on the performance of the promotion, and therefore 100 percent measurable ROI on the mobile marketing spend.