NeoMedia Sees 240 Percent Increase in Mobile Barcode Scans on Black Friday

While Black Friday brought a flurry of shoppers to retail stores, it also brought a flurry of barcode scans according to NeoMedia.

The company saw a dramatic increase of more than 240% in mobile barcode scans via its app on Black Friday compared to last year, including a 13% jump in 2D scans over 1D.  Looking deeper at the most popular types of barcodes being scanned, 2D is the front-runner by far with roughly 87% versus just 13% for 1D.  In 2010 for comparison, 74% of scans were 2D versus 26% for 1D codes.

“Retail is going mobile. People are not only using their phones to get more information on goods and services, both in-store and on-the-go, but also to purchase,” said Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia.  “This year has been a great year for mobile barcodes and we are confident usage will continue to increase over the busy Christmas shopping period. This surge in usage demonstrates growing consumer awareness which will continue to create opportunities for all those in the mobile barcode ecosystem.”

Android was the dominant mobile platform in terms of scans at 53%, according to the company, with IOS coming in second at 27% and Symbian rounding out the top three at 8%.  Retailers are beginning to embrace mobile coupons more than ever, but a vast majority of these implementations are sub-par and don’t work to leverage the inherent benefits of mobile barcode scanning.  While adoption continues to steadily rise, as the numbers from NeoMedia suggest, it could be much higher if brands took the time to integrate codes in a way that not only makes it seamless for the users to engage, but also educates them on how to obtain and use the appropriate scanning apps for example.

If you missed the latest video in 3Seventy’s “MobileMinute” series entitled “Why QR Codes are so Misunderstood and Poorly Executed,” Andy Kennedy discussed this very topic in detail.  It’s definitely worth a read, especially if you have mixed feelings on the state of mobile barcode usage and adoption.