NeoMedia Claims 1,800 Percent Growth, Launches New Barcode Management Platform

Mobile barcode powerhouse NeoMedia is posting an impressive 1,800% growth rate over this time last year, and is using the massive momentum to debut an updated version of its NeoSphere barcode management platform.

The new platform offers a variety of improvements including more efficient barcode handling and support for many more code types — including UPC, EAN, and ISBN.  It also includes enhanced user-friendly analytics and reporting and provides management tools to allow brands, marketers and agencies to implement multiple codes in various creative executions.  The new management tools are aimed at providing customers the ability to better determine which channel or iteration is the most effective solution.

“The upgrade will not only give us more flexibility to add new features quickly but will also enable us to respond more quickly to customer requests, supported by our patents,” explained Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia.  Marriott gave an interesting interview recently that outlined her thoughts on the state of 2D barcodes.  She explained that mobile barcode usage is starting to resonate with large brands, and that the next step is convincing second tier and the enterprise.  “And we’re working on various improvements to the codes, so that they can link to social networks for example,” she said.  “The long term goal is to make 2D codes replace the URL.”