NeoMedia Aiming to Trace Counterfeit Automotive Parts

NeoMedia, a recognized leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, has been selected by TecCom, a leading B2B platform for the automotive replacement part market, to “help identify if security coded automotive parts are genuine.”

As it stands, TecCom will use NeoMedia’s NeoReader 2D barcode scanning solution to launch its new TecIdentify product. The system enables the camera in a mobile device to scan and read 2D CLEPA security barcodes on automotive parts and immediately check, via the Internet, if that part is genuine — significantly reducing the risk of counterfeit parts making their way onto the market.

From an outside observer’s perspective, it appears that TecIdentify is a convenient system capable of tracing goods within “the logistics chain.” And it couldn’t possibly be easier. Suppliers of automotive parts and traders can simply use their everyday mobile phone to scan a barcode and determine the validity of automotive parts.

Whether you have a need for it or not, this technology is rapidly pointing toward the future of mobile convenience. You can find more information at