Neolane to Discuss Mobile Marketing … And YOU Are Invited!

It doesn’t involve rock stars or movie stars, but chances are it will be one hot ticket this summer. At Frost & Sullivan’s 9th Annual Marketing World Executive MindXchange, Neolane, Inc., a software company specializing in new-generation mobile marketing, has announced that Patrick McHugh, executive vice president, will “facilitate an interactive roundtable discussion” where he will address mobile marketing best practices.

The event, for which there are current plans to stream live on the internet for all to witness, will take place July 22, 2008 at 3:15 p.m. MT in Beaver Creek, Colorado. As it stands, roundtable participants will include marketing executives from leading retail, healthcare, technology and manufacturing brands.

In what will most likely be an educational and advantageous session for amateur mobile marketers, McHugh will review mobile marketing approaches, from basic to sophisticated, and explain the differences among the three main types of campaigns: mailing, interactive, and content. Participants will gain insight into how to apply mobile marketing to accomplish different types of objectives, and how to integrate mobile marketing into the broader marketing mix. Participants will also hear real-world examples of mobile marketing success from innovators such as EMI Music and Virgin Megastores.

As I’ve stressed in previous posts (both explicitly and implicitly), mobile marketing has reached a critical juncture in 2008. We’ve witnessed the unbelievable potential of online and mobile marketing. Yet, despite the growing popularity and universality of these channels, mobile marketing remains a highly personal experience for advertisers. That is, because there are no written rules of the craft.. yet.. mobile marketing campaigns can take shape in any number of ways – some effective, many not so effective. And because the pool of mobile marketing genius still remains so small (despite what some incorrectly believe) opportunities such as the one provided to the masses from Neolene is a blessing to the crowded field of mobile marketing newcomers.

Patrick McHugh is often referred to as a visionary in CRM, direct marketing, analytics and data-warehousing. According to his biography, McHugh has more than 20 years of experience in customer marketing, sales operations, and senior management with software and services firms, including Exchange Applications, Authentica (now part of EMC), Outstart, Inc., Kendall Square Research and Multitrak Software. As Executive Vice President at Neolane, he helps companies understand the strategic value of integrating emerging marketing technologies with traditional channels to drive revenue. Those looking to educate themselves in this burgeoning “science of mobile marketing” would be wise to check out his interactive seminar next week and then apply such lessons (if applicable) to their own endeavors.

At present, it hasn’t been been announced how and when the public can view the roundtable discussion, but a PR contact for Neolane has been distributed for anyone without answers by next week. Christi Dean of Neolane can be reached via email at