Nearly 60% of Mobile Users Access Apps Multiple Times Daily

According to the latest findings from GetJar, the global open app store boasting some 1.5 billion downloads to date, 58% of mobile application users are now using the mobile apps on their devices more than once a day. More than one-third of mobile users, in fact, now spend at least one full hour engrossed in their favorite apps on a daily basis.

App usage is clearly on the rise with the survey results showing almost 34 percent of consumers spending one hour or more using apps per day, compared to 49 percent who spend the same amount of time watching television.

The global consumer survey commissioned by GetJar also suggests that advertisers have adequate reason to be pleased with the findings, as 73% of respondents said they have downloaded an app with advertising in it. 60% said they’d do it again.

Almost one in four made a purchase after having clicked on a mobile ad, Getjar reports.

Other interesting research findings include:

  • Gaming apps are the most popular, followed closely by social networking apps
  • The amount of free apps and the ease of search topped the list of things users look for in an app store
  • The cost of an app was the biggest deciding factor in whether to download an app or not

Discovery, however, continues to “plague” app publishers. According to the report, “only 25% discovered the apps they were looking for using actual app stores. Nearly 50% had actually discovered apps while browsing online and nearly 17% had discovered apps through friends or social media.”