Near Global Sell Out of Apple’s iPad 2 Reported

iPad 2 fever is now a global pandemic.

Apple has reportedly sold out of the second generation tablet in most of the 25 countries in which the device debuted just last Friday. Reports of the depleted inventory first surfaced Saturday morning in almost every market in which the tablet was released just 24 hours earlier.

Two flagship Apple Stores in London — Regent Street and Covent Garden — are completely out of stock and won’t be getting more before Monday.

According to Fortune magazine, Apple’s Opera Store in Paris sailed through supply of better than 3,000 iPad 2s between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday alone. The shelves were totally “bare” long before closing time on Saturday.

No concrete numbers regarding Apple’s overall iPad 2 sales (US and International) have been reported, but that will likely change next month when the Cupertino, California tech giant reports earnings for its second fiscal quarter.

Interestingly enough, midnight this past Saturday – the time by which most iPad 2s had been sold out – marked the last day of Apple’s second quarter.