Nativo Increases Programmatic Access to Native Ad Formats, Premium Inventory

Ahead of the weekend, Nativo — a leading native advertising technology platform — announced programmatic integrations with Rubicon Project and BidSwitch which enable direct access to Nativo Premium, a comprehensive catalog of native advertising formats and premium in-feed inventory, as well as its native SSP, nativeRTB, which enables publishers to offer remnant native inventory on an open marketplace via a real-time auction.

“This is the latest of Nativo’s programmatic integrations and comes at a time when advertisers are increasingly adopting native programs as an essential part of their full funnel media strategies,” the company says.

Recent research from eMarketer found that 47% of U.S. marketers and agencies ran native advertising campaigns programmatically, and this programmatic trend is expected to grow as global content marketing revenues surge to $313 billion in 2019.

“Nativo continues to open up new programmatic pipes to access their unique formats through PMP deals,” said Julian Zilberbrand, EVP of Audience Networks at Viacom. “Managing these campaigns from the same platform as the rest of our media plan makes it an easier decision to include premium native in our paid media strategies.”

Through the integrations, advertisers on buying platforms like Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) can now transact with Nativo programmatically across Nativo Premium which offers buyers a first look at the highest-quality native inventory across every native ad format available today. Nativo Premium enables Nativo’s publisher-direct inventory and its comprehensive catalog of native formats including multiple Native Video units, Native Display, and its exclusive click-in True Native Content experience via a private marketplace /deal ID. Additionally, open exchange buyers can access native display inventory via nativeRTB across publishers leveraging the Nativo native SSP.

“Advertisers and their agencies continue to look for ways to engage their audiences within the editorial feeds of premium publishers,” said Chris Rooke, SVP of Strategy and Operations for Nativo. “Enabling our buyers to transact with Nativo and Nativo publishers programmatically accelerates a paradigm shift in advertising that is respectful of consumers, protective of open web publishers, and highly effective for advertisers.”