First “Mall-Based Mobile Marketing Network” Launches

General Growth Properties, which manages the nation’s second largest network of malls, has teamed with MOBISIX to offer what they call the nation’s first “mall-based mobile advertising network.”

The new mobile network, dubbed “The Club Mobile,” is an extension of GGP’s already successful “The Club” program, which is an online consumer marketing program that sends email notifications of mall sales and events to an exclusive list of opt-in members.  The Club Mobile extends the value of The Club by delivering discounts and offers to on-the-go consumers through text messages.

The new program is powered by MOBISIX and its proprietary messaging platform, which is designed around “consumer-controlled preferences and data” as well as “analytics-driven decisions.”  The underlying technology allows consumers to get relevant and personal offers pertaining to malls operated by GGP.  In addition, the platform acts as a key enabler of green marketing by allowing brands and consumers to take advantage of shopping incentives and coupons without printing.

“This type of marketing innovation is a great example of how we are meeting the needs of today’s consumer,” says Keith Maladra, vice president of Consumer Intelligence at General Growth. “We believe this provides a unique tool for our retailers and gives value to our consumers by allowing them control of what type of offers they receive and how they receive them. The bottom line: we want to help our retail tenants drive store traffic, and this is a great way to accomplish that.”

While this may be nothing new- a parent company adopting SMS and other mobile techniques to drive results-it’s significant in the fact that General Growth Properties presents a massive platform in it’s extensive network of malls, which each represent a large amount of smaller brands and retailers that can benefit from the various mobile campaigns that GGP can now provide to them all.