Nanigans Debuts New Facebook Mobile Advertising Solution

Facebook performance advertising provider Nanigans announced today the launch of a new tool to allow advertisers to reach Facebook users on their mobile devices.

The timely debut comes on the heels of Facebook announcing the ability for advertisers to purchase Sponsored Stories in News Feeds specifically on mobile through its Ads API.  Nanigans, an initial Facebook Ads API developer and Preferred Marketing Developer, has developed and integrated this capability into its Ad Engine platform.  Nanigans customers can now select to deliver Sponsored Stories exclusively to Facebook mobile news feeds.

The new mobile advertising feature is incorporated as a new targeting field in its Ad Engine, whereby marketers can now indicate whether to deliver Facebook Sponsored Stories to mobile News Feeds, desktop News Feeds, or both.  Marketers can leverage Nanigans’ advanced Sponsored Story targeting capabilities alongside mobile News Feed delivery.  For example, marketers have the ability to target Sponsored Stories to Facebook users on mobile devices based on their demographics, including gender, age range and geographies.

“Over half of Facebook’s 901 million active users visit the social network on mobile devices, and American smartphone subscribers alone spend on average more than 14 minutes a day on Facebook on their phones,” explained Ric Calvillo, co-founder and CEO of Nanigans.  “The mobile marketing opportunity is impossible to ignore, and we’re excited to provide large-scale advertisers the ability for the very first time to reach Facebook users on the go.”

The company says it already delivers over 1 billion Facebook Ad impressions that drive over 1.5 million performance events each and every day, so the company obviously knows what it’s doing in terms of reaching users and encouraging them to act.  It should be interesting to see how this formula works over the mobile channel however, especially considering the fact that it’s been notoriously difficult to monetize Facebook’s mobile users.