Myxer Now The 7th Largest US Mobile Website, Set To Exceed 40M Users & 2B Downloads

Building on the immense popularity of mobile content consumption these days, Myxer has become one of the largest mobile sites in the US.

The company said recently that it’s now the seventh largest US mobile Website, and is on track to exceed 40 million users by the end of October.  With these numbers, Myxer now reaches an estimated 15% of all US mobile Web users.

The company got on the mobile content bandwagon long before it became the mega-industry it is today, and Myxer put in place several key content partnerships early-on to solidify its leading position.  With numerous big-name entertainment publishers on its roster, Myxer now boasts one of the largest mobile content catalogs available, with more than 6 million total items.

In 2008, Myxer said it had 15 million users and monthly downloads around 32 million.  Just two years later, the site now accounts for over 90 million downloads every month and has delivered over 1 billion mobile downloads in the past 12 months alone.  Growing faster than ever, the service is on track to deliver 2 billion total downloads by year end.