Mytek Network Solutions Exposes Truths About IT Outsourcing

Mytek Network Solutions Exposes Truths About IT OutsourcingMYTEK Network Solutions, a provider of IT consulting services for outsourced technology projects, is out with a new client resource.

“The Truth About Outsourcing IT” summarizes statistics from several industry studies elucidating the reasons why SMBs and enterprises turn to outsourcing IT, as well as the growing percentages of businesses looking to outsourcing.

The big outsource categories? Web/e-commerce systems, desktop support, disaster recovery, and IT security functions; mobile app development and SDLC; cloud migration and cloud platform implementation; and managed services are the biggies, according to a news release from the company.

“Businesses are operating in a far more complex business environment where mobility, the cloud, IoT, and app development among other needs are putting increased stress on IT departments to deliver the necessary manpower and skillsets to address these needs,” said a spokesperson. “Our info tells some definitive truths about who is outsourcing and what they are outsourcing so that businesses can better gauge their needs and make informed decisions about the benefits of outsourcing with MYTEK.”

The company is acknowledging the reality that “many of the countries SMBs, which make up 80 percent of businesses, don’t have the in-house talent, manpower, strategy, or ready responsiveness to meet today’s IT business needs.”

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, MYTEK Network Solutions provides IT consulting services for outsourced technology projects. The company offers a broad range of solutions in IT Network Services, IT Account Services, Data and Development Services, and Telephony Services.