MySpace Mobile Shows Massive Growth

MySpace is reporting that its mobile usage increased nearly 500% last year, with users “now generating 7 billion mobile page views per month.”

It’s good news for MySpace, which has seen a significant competitor in FaceBook since that time.

MySpace vice president and general manager of mobile operations John Faith spoke at the Nokia Developer Summit in Monte Carlo and stated that in the last year, “MySpace went from less than 10 percent of its mobile traffic originating from mobile applications (vs. the mobile web) to approximately 35 percent.”

According to company estimates, Myspace anticipates that sometime within the next few years, 50 percent of all users will access MySpace via mobile.

Interesting Myspace facts: 32% of MySpace’s mobile page views derive from users accessing profiles, while 19% originate from users browsing photos, and another 19% are devoted to just reading messages.

Friend requests account for only 1% of mobile views.