MySpace Goes Mobile

cingularbig_270x502.jpgAs usual on a dreary afternoon lunch break from work, I reveled in the guilty pleasure of checking my MySpace to spy on the latest developments in the silly cyber social world of my closest friends and acquaintances.

Per my normal routine, I scanned my top friends looking for new profile updates. Then, I checked my messages, accepted a friend request, and chuckled at the humorous musings posted on my already cluttered wall. Indeed, this MySpace experience was similar to all others except for one glaring difference. This was the first time I visited Myspace away from my PC and on my mobile phone.

The world’s most popular social network has gone mobile with MySpace Mobile, a new site designed specifically for those on the go who are just as hopelessly obsessed with MySpace as I am.

According to the specs, MySpace Mobile features include:

— Message Management – send, read and reply to messages from all of your
MySpace friends, as well as field friend requests.

— Viewing Photo Albums – easily look at MySpace photo albums by choosing
“My Photos” on MySpace Mobile.

— Viewing Friends – look up profiles of your friends and others through
your MySpace profile. Just as on standard MySpace, MySpace Mobile lets
you see profile pictures and other member information via mobile devices.

— Friend Search – search for people by name or e-mail address, as well as
send friend invites and review invites that are pending.

— Comments / Blog Posting – post comments and update blogs just as you
would from a PC. Any new information entered will be posted to a
member’s mobile and online MySpace profile simultaneously.

Overall, Myspace Mobile is an outstanding mobile version of the real thing. It’s easy to use, familiar as ever, and just as comforting as always.