MWC Attendees Invited to Test Smith Micro’s Real-Time Contextual Mobile Engagement Solution

smithmicroBecause consumers now hand over about four hours of their daily personal time to engagement with mobile devices, retailers and brands know there’s a wide opening to connect with customers.

But is too much of the engagement nothing but mobile spam?

Smith Micro thinks it has a better idea. The company is showcasing its NetWise Captivate solution at Mobile World Congress this week. It’s made possible via a live, interactive demo application available on Google Play store.

“NetWise Captivate identifies consumer context in real-time, allowing marketers and customer advocates to precisely target campaigns, and offer relevant information and offers directly to consumers’ devices, without relying on third-party ad brokers or shopping apps,” according to the company.

“Consumers are being conditioned to expect more personalized web and email content based on browser and shopping history, but the mobile experience is not keeping up,” said Sunil Marolia, Vice President, Product Management at Smith Micro. “Using the insights gleaned through smartphone sensors, device software, and analytics, NetWise Captivate allows marketers to deliver much more relevant and convenient mobile experiences to their customers.”

MWC attendees who download the application and opt-in will experience a variety of context-driven marketing scenarios, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth beacon location technologies (with date / time context), that will trigger unique daily messages.

“Special promotions based on particular entertainment and travel apps opened, or used with a predefined frequency, will be offered,” notes the company. “(And) participants will be prompted to share a photo via social media when the application senses the device camera is in use.”

“Unlike other mobile marketing solutions and shopping apps that can annoy customers with excessive notifications, NetWise Captivate provides the granular controls to limit frequency of notifications, as well as flexibility to utilize different engagement methods, such as SMS and email, under different circumstances,” according to a provided statement.