Multicultural TV and MEDIA EXPO Coming in June to New York City

Multicultural TV and MEDIA EXPO Coming in June to New York CityIn what could prove to be one of the most groundbreaking events of early summer for media and marketing professionals in the Big Apple, The American Black Film Festival (ABFF) will host the first multicultural Television & Media Expo in June.

The event will provide broadcasters the opportunity to promote programming and showcase diversity initiatives to thousands of consumers.

The ABFF Television & Media Expo is a unique, two-day promotional event for network, cable, and Internet/digital media broadcasters during the 19th annual ABFF, June 11–14.

This expo, a provided statement to MMW reads, will provide an open forum for companies to generate awareness and excitement about their brand and to create a word-of-mouth and positive experience with the ABFF consumer.

“The success of today’s multicultural programming, proves that Americans want to see a diverse cross section of our world on television, as well as at the movies. We have found that diverse programming translates into box-office and ratings success and is a true reflection of our nation,” says Film Life, Inc. CEO Jeff Friday. “We are excited to offer companies the opportunity to connect with multicultural consumers and talent in this unique way.”