MSN Gets The Finger

MSN is just the latest major company to seek out the professional services of a mobile marketing firm to accellerate business and drive higher traffic.

MSN has tapped 5th Finger, a globally recognized mobile marketing agency, to work on MSN Mobile and its mobile marketing strategy and campaign execution.

Aimed at “driving consumer engagement and increasing adoption of the MSN mobile WAP site, MSN Mobile (” 5th Finger is looking to implement a range of innovative mobile marketing techniques aiming to build consumer awareness and drive trial usage of the site. MSN Mobile is presently billed as a place where consumers can “get their fix” of compelling entertainment, news, weather and sports updates, as well as user-friendly search.

5th Finger is one of many such firms aggressively looking to corner this market by securing as many high profile clients as possible. The industry, however, has grown so saturated with competing agencies that its safe to say that no single mobile marketing agency will dominate the entire landscape any time soon.